What is WE CARE?

WE CARE stands for Work Ethics Career And Real-life Experiences. Our program began in January of 1992. Our task is to provide transition services to the Special Education students in the Antelope Valley Union High School District.

As a public school education and employment service, WE CARE provides the opportunity for high school students and adults to gain the skills necessary for successful involvement in employment and adult life.

Our program involves the student, the family, AntelopeValleyUnionHighSchool District, and all other resource providers in the AntelopeValley as needed. Working together, we assess needs, plan and initiate education, seek and secure employment, and direct both students and adults to available recreational activities. Students enrolled in Special Education have the opportunity for the services offered by WE CARE.

We are committed to providing clients with real-life opportunities and transition from school to work and adult living, as well as community integration through social and recreational activities. Our goal is to provide quality individualized services.

WE CARE is supported and funded by the California Department of Rehabilitation and the Department of Education WorkAbility I Program.

The California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) collaborates with the AntelopeValleyUnionHighSchool District to form a Transition Partnership Program (TPP). This program takes students who are within two years of exiting high school and who meet DOR criteria and provides a “head start” for services with the DOR. These services include curriculum and classes while the student is still in high school, career exploration, guest speakers, career guidance, work experience, and potential funding for post high school employment training. Students who are within two years of exiting high school, and meet DOR criteria, are pre-screened and given a joint recommendation for this program by DOR and WE CARE staff.

The WorkAbility I Program is funded through the California Department of Education and is designed for special education students to promote career awareness and exploration. It also provides work experience opportunities, support and guidance.