Employers are concerned with the hiring costs of employees in high turnover entry-level positions. National research data reports that trained individuals with disabilities who are placed and followed up by a training program are more apt to  become successful long-term employees. WE CARE provides necessary additional training and support services to help ensure the success of the employee.

Employers are concerned  that an employee with a disability may need more than the usual amount of training and services, which would detract from the regular operation of business. WE CARE Education and Employment Services provides each individual with a Transition Specialist. The specialist is available to assist the employer in training the employee. The specialist is available to assist the employee in building working relationships with co-workers.WE CARE’s job is to provide services to the employer and the employee, ensuring successful long term employment. Our goal is to make this a win-win situation!

Employers are concerned about the productivity level of employees. Statewide studies report that employees with disabilities are ranked as equal to or above other employees without apparent disabilities. WE CARE’s Transition Specialist support services can assist in making the employment situation successful.

Employers may be eligible for tax credits. WE CARE will assist the employer with the filing of the forms and following up with the Employment Development Department/One Stop. WE CARE Education and Employment Services can assist the employer in accessing tax credits. This is an example of how WE CARE provides services to employers and their employees. The result is a valued partnership between WE CARE and the employer and the employee.