Since 1992, the WE CARE transition program at Antelope Valley Union High School District has helped thousands of youth gain practical work experience while assisting the local educational planning team in the development of tangible vocational exploration and transition goals.

The WE CARE Transition program offers the following services:

Services include arranging for community professionals to appear and discuss career and educational options for transitioning students.

This service couples the “Data Wizard” vocational exploration software with the “O-NET” website to investigate career interests, and subsequent educational avenues needed to obtain transitional goals.

When requested, program staff work closely with the student’s education team to develop realistic transitional goals and timelines.

A service where students attend employment preparation classes. Emphasis is placed on practical career training activities such as interviewing, completing job applications, and career exploration.

Students gain paid work experience exploring a variety of careers. Currently the department employs more than one hundred youth annually in positions ranging from administrative to retail. Emphasis is placed on mastery of basic work ethic in a community placement of expressed interest.

WE CARE works closely with the educational planning team and counselors from the Department of Rehabilitation to offer students with disabilities career development and job training support, in addition to community placement services.

The department currently maintains a contractual collaborative with the Department of Rehabilitation and WorkAbility I, offering community job placement to recent high school graduates.

Transitional services offered by the program include assisting students with: opening a savings account; organization of a formal school to work transition portfolio; and procurement of bus pass and student I. D. In addition, WE CARE sponsors students in: skills development at local occupational centers, community colleges, and the Armed Services.

Other services include:

Acquisition of Work Documents

As part of addressing transitional concerns, the program may assist students and their families in securing legal documentation necessary for work. Most commonly needed include: work permits; birth certificate; social security card; California ID; and a provisional and/or Class “C” driver’s license.

Job Shadowing

The department arranges and sponsors students in community based Job Shadowing as needed. Utilizing this service, students are able to participate in career exploration in a professional work environment of interest.

Counseling and Job Coaching

The WE CARE Team is available to any student for counseling on work related issues. In addition departmental representatives: attend case conferences and staff meetings; facilitate in-services; and provide recommendations at IEP meetings related to transitional matters.